What is Getting Unmarried

It’s a better way to get divorced. Period. The word divorce conjures up so many loaded thoughts: failure, broken home, “War of the Roses,” custody battles, legal fees, lonely nights, financial difficulties, etc… Divorce has historically been sad, tragic, and shameful.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Getting Unmarried is an uplifting process. It is a major shift in your perspective. You will go through huge transitions, and rather than do so with fear, we will help you to move through all of the changes with thought, compassion, hope, and renewed meaning.

Private Divorce Coaching

Coaching is about moving from where you are now (confused/overwhelmed/unhappily married) to where you want to be (calm, centered, joyful, happily single). As your personal coach I help you to get clear about your situation, take control wherever possible, make sense of the divorce process, regain your strength, and redefine who’d like to be, and what your new life looks like. Together we outline the steps to get you there, and along the way I am your guide, support system, sounding board, and champion.

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Divorce Planning Events & Workshops

Humans are highly social creatures. We crave feeling supported, valued and connected. Research points to the benefits of social connection: increased happiness, better health, and a longer life. Getting Unmarried’s Absolute Support Sessions & Workshops help you to deal with the monumental emotional and fiscal changes that come with divorce. Our in-person events offer you a group of like-minded individuals who offer comfort, validation, advice, and compassion. The right support network minimizes suffering, and maximizes well-being.

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Kira Gould

Certified Divorce Coach

I am dedicated to helping people “get unmarried” in a conscious, clear and compassionate way. A child of divorce, I ended my own marriage in 2009, and learned the hard way that I needed more help and support during those tumultuous times. Today, in addition to personal coaching and working with divorcing couples and their real estate needs, I create divorce workshops, and lead two support groups: Getting Unmarried: Women Reinventing Happily Ever After, and Moving On: Divorce & Real Estate.

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