Divorce: Taking The High Road

Getting Unmarried sessions are not the same as therapy. We do not spend much time going over what happened in the past, or rehashing the upsetting details of the “story” of your divorce. Some life coaches are completely “anti-story,” starting their sessions by saying: “Imagine I’ve heard your story, now let’s get to work” without needing to hear one detail of what’s happened to you. I am not as cut and dry as that. I believe there is some healing properties in having someone (me) REALLY listen to you. In our first Getting Unmarried sessions together we will spend some time on the story of your divorce, and take an inventory of sorts of where you are, and lay a foundation for where you want to go. But in truth, the story is not something we spend much time on. It is too upsetting, and my goal is to have our work together be uplifting and inspiring.

I’d like to share a bit about my own story. It’s taken time, personal work, and perspective for me to shift my story, from something that was filled with pain, darkness, blame, and shame. I use it here as an introduction to who I am, and how my past experience has had a huge impact on who I am, and how I operate as a coach, but also to illustrate a story that is full of accountability, and positivity. If after reading it, you’d like to shift your own story, click the link below for a worksheet on how to do that. And if you’d like guidance through the process, reach out to me. I LOVE working on life and divorce stories. 🙂

If you are thinking about divorce, or in the middle of a contentious divorce, this book is for you.

If you want to avoid the emotional and financial uphill battle often experienced by a traditional litigated divorce, then this book is for you.

If you desire to put the needs and emotional well-being of your children front and center in your divorce, then this book is a must-read.

Divorce: Taking the High Road shares actionable advice on creating a healthier divorce.

  • Don’t battle it out in court. Getting trapped in wanting to win at all costs and believing that you will find emotional justice in the courtroom usually costs much more time and money, and often your anticipated outcome is never achieved. Learn the less adversarial and less costly divorce process that involves a team of divorce professionals who advocate for your best interest and serve as your best support system.
  • Avoid being bullied or taken advantage of – learn the critical skills that will help you communicate more effectively, and make informed decisions throughout your divorce, ultimately leading to a more fair and balanced outcome.
  • Stop living in the past and instead see your divorce as an opportunity for transformative growth. Learn the simple strategies that will shift your mindset, maintain your dignity and consistently put your best self forth during and after your divorce.

Today’s top Certified Divorce Coaches share real client case studies as illustrations of strategies you can use to successfully navigate your divorce collaboratively and mindfully, to ultimately experience a positive and transformative divorce outcome.

Get the book today to learn how to proactively navigate your divorce for the best possible outcome.

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