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How the Getting Unmarried Process Works

Every divorce is like a fingerprint; there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, or a standardized process that will create the best outcome for you.

I empower you to navigate your divorce with intention, stay true to your values, save money, create the most appropriate and successful divorce agreement for your given situation, and ultimately recreate a life that makes you healthy, happy and whole.

You may start coaching at any point in your divorce journey. I walk you through any or all of the steps involved in divorce, starting with deciding if your marriage is worth saving or not. Then moving on to the framework of family law, the process of dissolution, the parameters of a parenting plan, the emotions and changes in relationships, as well as taking stock of assets, developing budgets, and reassessing financial goals while moving forward. Also, our work together does not have to stop when the divorce is final. Many of my clients continue on to re-imagine and recreate a newly single life. Establishing a foundation for future happiness and financial security.

Getting Unmarried™ allows you to navigate your divorce with flexible coaching services/products/tools. You choose how and when you receive the help you need. For group support, attend an in-person workshop or one of the webinars. For private coaching, set up an appointment by the hour, or purchase a 3-pack, 6-pack, or 10-pack of coaching sessions for sizable discounts. (They never expire, and are even transferrable to a friend in need.) Download some of Getting Unmarried™ online products to gain knowledge and tools wherever you are, whenever you need them. You get to pick and choose so that you can create the best, personalized route through these tumultuous times.

Personal Coaching

I am here as a thinking partner, sounding board, and champion of you to focus on what you want and need from the process of the dissolution of your marriage (Getting Unmarried!), to help you move forward through the business of divorce, setting goals and taking actions to move forward, and doing the internal work necessary to go through the process of transition as productively as possible.

Coaching can be done one-on-one in person, or remotely. Call 310-963-9563 or email to schedule your free 30-minute session, and find out if coaching is for you.

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