Products and Services

Personal Coaching

Coaching sessions help you with the practical, financial, emotional, and legal challenges of divorce. From organizing papers to restructuring your life.

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Divorce Planning Events & Workshops

Getting Unmarried’s™ Absolute Support Sessions & Workshops help you to deal with the monumental emotional and fiscal changes that come with divorce.

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Divorce Planning Workshops

Divorce Stories

Getting Unmarried™ sessions are not the same as therapy. We do not spend much time going over what happened in the past, or rehashing the upsetting details of the “story” of your divorce.

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Selling Your Marital Home

Are you facing or contemplating a divorce? Are you concerned about protecting your assets? And overwhelmed about the idea of where you, your spouse/ex, and your children will live? We can help.

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Divorce: Taking the High Road

Divorce with dignity and avoid a lifetime of regret. Divorce: Taking the High Road shows you how.

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Want to Reinvent Happily Ever After?

Want To Reinvent Happily Ever After?
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